Central Connecticut State University, Spring 2001

CS 110 -- Introduction to Internet Programming and Applications -- 3 Credits

Section 01, Tue, Thur 11:00 AM -- 12:15 PM

Room 210 Maria Sanford Hall

This is a course in how to use the Internet, but more importantly, how to WRITE Web pages and how to WRITE programs in JavaScript to make those Web pages interactive. The first part of the course will be spent on learning to use the Internet. (If you are already an Internet maven, you will just have to be patient, because not everyone in the course has your knowledge. In fact some will have never used a computer, so the first class or two will be spent on basic computer literacy.) But the overwhelming bulk of the course will be spent on how to write Web pages in HTML, and how to write JavaScript programs to make those Web pages dynamic and interactive.

We will also devote roughly 15 percent of the course to the many social and legal issues involving the Internet.

There will be many problems to work and hand in along the way. At the end of the course, you will be expected to write a Web page using all the things you have learned in the course.

Section 01 Syllabus in PDF format, (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, you probably have it, but if not it is free from http://www.adobe.com).

Term Project. A project to write a complete web site consisting of several linked web pages.

HTML Resources.

JavaScript Resources.

HTML Demos

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