CCSU, Spring 2001

CS 110 Term Project

Course: CS 110
Posting Date: April 5, 2001
Due Date: May 8, 2001

What To Do.

Write a complete web site consisting of several linked web pages. You have a choice of writing

  1. A personal web site.
  2. A web site devoted to a topic of interest to you. Examples might be
    1. A sport
    2. A singer or actress.
    3. A musical genre.
    4. A political topic.
    5. Any other sort of topic of interest to you.
  3. A web site for a real or fictional company
Select ONE of the choices above, don't try to write a web site devoted to all of them.

How To Do It.

Your web site must be written by you in HTML and JavaScript. There are NO HTML OR JAVASCRIPT EDITORS ALLOWED. My suggestion is to use Notepad or UltraEdit32 to write your HTML and JavaScript files.

Your web site must display properly in Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 and higher. DO NOT write Netscape specific code.

Your web site must include the following HTML and JavaScript elements:

  1. At least five (5) separate HTML files.
  2. At least one (1) frameset including at least two (2) frames.
  3. At least one (1) table including at least two (2) columns.
  4. At least one (1) horizontal rule.
  5. At least one (1) each of a level 1 header, a level 2 header and a level 3 header.
  6. At least six (6) paragraphs, and at least one page must contain two or more paragraphs.
  7. At least one (1) instance of text in a color other than black or white.
  8. At least one (1) instance of a specified font.
  9. At least one (1) unordered list containing at least two (2) list items.
  10. At least one (1) ordered list containing at least two (2) list items.
  11. At least three (3) images.
  12. At least one (1) background image -- this is an extra image and does not count as one of the three images required above.
  13. At least one (1) background color.
  14. At least five (5) links to sites on the internet other than the web site you are writing.
  15. At least five (5) links to pages on your web site.
  16. At least three (3) JavaScript functions.
  17. At least one (1) JavaScript image rollover.
  18. At least one (1) JavaScript expanding and collapsing text instance.
  19. At least one (1) JavaScript animation, or one (1) JavaScript movable image which follows the mouse pointer.

It may be that not all of these HTML and JavaScript elements fit naturally into the topic you have selected. For example, a political topic often contains a great deal of black and white text, and relatively few images and JavaScript animations. In this case, don't force your pages to include inappropriate elements, instead create a SEPARATE page on your site which includes sufficiently many examples of the remaining elements.

How To Hand It In.

Hand in the following in a folder with POCKETS -- you can buy suitable folders for around $1.00 in the campus bookstore:

  1. Paper copies of your HTML files.
  2. A disk with copies of your HTML files, image files and sound files.

Class Policies For The Project

  1. You must NEATLY PRINT YOUR NAME on the folder you hand in.
  2. You must NEATLY PRINT YOUR NAME on each paper page you hand in.
  3. HTML and image files must be submitted on a virus-checked disk.
  4. The disk must contain ONLY the HTML files, image files and sound files for the project, AND NOTHING ELSE.
  5. The disk must be NEATLY LABELED with the title "CS 110 Final Project" and YOUR NAME.
  6. Copyright notices for images, music and text must be observed.
  7. No pornography is allowed.
  8. While you may get help on the project, YOU MUST DO THE PROJECT YOURSELF.

How The Project Will Be Graded.

Your project will be graded on the following basis:

  1. Whether it contains the required HTML and JavaScript elements (see above).
  2. Whether you follow the directions for handing it in (see above).
  3. Whether you follow the class policies for the project (see above).
  4. Whether it is on time (see above).
  5. Web site organization.
  6. Web page style and appearance.
  7. English style, grammar and spelling (for the text in the pages).

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