Central Connecticut State University, Spring 2000

CS 407 -- Advanced Topics in CS -- Java DB Connectivity -- 3 Credits

Section 71, Monday, Wednesday 5:15 -- 6:30 PM

Room NC C224 Copernicus Hall

This is an experimental course, which will develop as we go. We shall go through Henri Jubin's book, Java Beans by Example. Ultimately, we shall develop a complete enterprise Java database system, where we shall connect via Java with a network database running on one of the CS Department's servers.

We shall stress object oriented design methodology, together with the design and use of reusable software components. We shall stress Java Beans because a Java Bean is a reusable software component intended for use in a visual development environment. We shall also stress JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) and JSQL (Java SQL) because this course is, after all, about Java Database Connectivity.


Java Resources Page. Tons of stuff, including lists of good books, tutorials and demos from other courses, complete Java course notes on the Web, and instructions for downloading Free Java and a Free Java Beans Development Kit from Sun!

MySql Database Resources and Java JDBC Demos.


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