Dr. William C. Jones Jr                www.javabook.org
M.S. Computer Science (1989, Rensselaer)
Ph. D. Mathematics (1969, Purdue)
Professor Emeritus of Computer Science
Central Connecticut State University
email: jonesw@ccsu.edu or author@javabook.org

CLICK! Preface to my book, for instructors who are interested in finding out about my free online Java textbook. The book is designed for CS 1 and CS 2 on the college level and the CompSci AP courses A and AB. It is object-oriented from the beginning, though it teaches conditionals and loops quite early. It contains loads of exercises, about half with answers at the ends of the corresponding chapters. The emphasis is on software engineering, not on language details.

CLICK! Brief table of contents for my book, for students and others who want to link to a particular chapter of my Java textbook. That webpage also contains links to the detailed table of contents, the preface to students, and the appendices. All of the above are PDF files (Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed). Other links in that webpage take you to the coding examples of the book, which are in HTML so you can copy individual classes easily.

CLICK! EasyEvents, an introductory and very easy tutorial to event-handlers in Java, such as buttons and textfields.

CLICK! The Auction game. play against the computer. Requires thinking and planning but not speed of response. I wrote it as a stripped-down variant of Monopoly. The source code is available for study as an extended example of a GUI using the Model/View/Controller pattern.

CLICK! Ascot: a new card game for 3 or 4 players: fast, simple rules, but challenging to play well.

CLICK! Spider solitaire, improved

CLICK! Syllabi for CCSU courses that I am currently teaching or have taught recently.

CLICK! JavaScript Primer and associated files