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Historical Data Visualization in GIS

2004 - present
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The goal of The Universe of Ptolemy project by The Ptolomey Workgroup is to visualize points and objects from Ptolemy’s Geography and the stars of Almagest projected on the modern maps so as to demonstrate the changes and help locate lost ancient cities.


  1. Lyudmila M. Filatova, Dmitri A. Gusev and Sergey K. Stafeyev, Iterative Reconstruction of Ptolemy’s West Africa Using a GIS, submitted for publication. Click here to download an early version of this article.
  2. D. A. Gusev, S. K. Stafeyev, L. M. Filatova, Iterative Reconstruction of Ptolemy’s West Africa, The 10th International Conference on the Problems of Civilization, Moscow, Russia (May 21-22, 2005) [in Russian]. This work was also presented in English at the GIS Seminar, Rochester Institute of Technology, Oct. 31, 2006. Click here to download the English presentation slides in the PDF format.


  • The Universe of Ptolemy (Apr. 2004 – present). The Ptolomey Workgroup is devoted to the Ptolemy reconstruction project initiated by the late L. M. Filatova. My current efforts are focused on localizing the points from Ptolemy’s Geography situated in or near the modern Tunisia and Libya using a GIS and remote sensing data.