Historical Computing

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Museums & Associations:
American Computer Museum
Boston Computer Museum
Charles Babbage Institute Center for History of Computing
Computer Conservation Society
Computer History Association of California
Computer Museum of America
History of Computers and Art
Hofstra Computing History Page
Home Computer Museum
IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
Museum of Dead, Gone and Obsolete Computers
Obsolete Computer Museum
Oxford Virtual Museum of Computing
The Retro-Computing Society of Rhode Island
Smithsonian Computer History Site
U.C. Davis Computer Museum

Belgian Microcomputer Museum
Computer Closet Home Page
Computing Center - Online Computer Museum
Home Computer Hall of Fame
Jeff's Classic Computer Haven
Jim's Computer Garage
Rich's Classical Computing Resources
Stefan's Old Computer Stuff
The Trailing Edge

Specific Machine Sites:

It was 23 years ago......1975
The Virtual Altair Museum

HeathKit Virtual Museum
A Heathkit Computer Interest Site

IMSAI Home Page

BESM-6 Nostalgia Page
Compukit UK101 Home Page
The IBM 7094 and CTSS

Vintage Computer Simulators:
EDSAC Simulator Home Page

Early Interactive Computing & Mediated Communication:
MIT's SpaceWar
PLATO: The Emergence of Online Community
SRC Research Report 61

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