A.I. and Rhetoric of Science & Technology:
Readings &Resources

Class One: Rhetoric of Science & Technology:
Reading Assignment: R. Lewontin Handout

Sophism - Ga Tech. Rhetoric Resources
Exploring Plato's Dialogues  - University of Evansville
Brief life of Aristotle - University of St. Andrews
Brief life of Cicero - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Brief life of Augustine - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosphy
Brief life of Erasmus - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Brief life of Sir Francis Bacon - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Kenneth Burke Society
Austrian Wittgenstein Society Pages
Tribute to Thomas Kuhn
Stephen Toulmin: An Intellectual Odyssey - By Marx W. Wartofsky
American Association for the Rhetoric of Science & Technology
Rhetoric of Inquiry / Science - Ga Tech. Rhetoric Resources

Class Two: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence:
Reading Assignment:
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - ThinkQuest

Class Three: The Advocates:
Reading Assignment:

Class Four: The Critics:
Reading Assignment:
Why Robots Won't Rule - Chris Malcolm

General References:
Free Online Dictionary of Computing (FOLDUC)

A.I.: History, Practice & Philosophy - Tel Aviv University
Rodney Brooks' Home Page
Cybernetics & Systems Theory Resources - Principia Cybernetica Web
IBM's Deep Blue Web Site
Marvin Minsky's Home Page
John Searle's Home Page
A Tribute to Herbert Simon
Alan Turing Home Page
Terry Winograd's Web Page

some classic applications:
JAVA Eliza