cs110(02) Internet Applications & Programming
Brian M. O'Connell, Maria Sanford Room 205, oconnellb@ccsu.edu
Spring 2000: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 11:00-11:50 Reading Material
* Internet & World Wide Web: How to Program, Deitel, Deitel & Nieto,  Prentice Hall (2000) - Required Text
* Assigned WWW articles and sites

Class Topics
* Familiarization with Basic attributes of Computing and Networks
* Introduction to the Internet's Purposes, History and Use
* Development of Introductory Web Authoring and Programming Skills
* Comprehension of Online Dynamics

Class Policies
* Attendance is presumed - three or more unexcused absences will result in grade reduction.
* You must have an email account and Web access.
* Papers must be in analog form - no emails accepted.
* Programs must be submitted on virus-checked disk.
* You must obtain certification to access the University's computer labs in order to complete assignments.

* 60% Quizzes
* 30% Final Course Paper/Project
* 10% Class Participation / Presentations

These are selected links referred to in class lectures. They may be helpful to supplement the text. They will be updated throughout the course.

LINK  C\Net: How the Net Works

HTML Resources
LINK  Introduction to HTML
LINK  CNET Builder.com
LINK  MSDN Online Web Works
LINK  NCSA -- A Beginner's Guide to HTML
LINK  Web Design Group - HTML Help

Web Style Resources
------ please read all copywrite notices at these pages ------
LINK  Beseen.com - freeware graphics
LINK  Free Art for HTML
LINK  ScreamDesign - some freeware graphics
LINK  Patrick Lynch Design Site
LINK  Yale Style Manual

Java  Resources
LINK  ECMAScript Language Specification
LINK  Webresource.net: Java Center 

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