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These are selected books, articles & Web sites  referred to in class lectures. They may be helpful to your papers
and presentations. They will be updated throughout the course.

Aesthetics, Graphics, Media  and Information Design
LINK  Computers and the Intuitive Edge: An Introduction to Computers for the Visual Thinker
LINK  Computer Graphics World
LINK  History of Computers and Art
LINK  Intelligent Agent: Interactive Media & Art in Education
LINK  MIT Media Lab
LINK  Pixart
LINK  SIGGRAPH: ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics

AI and Artificial Life
LINK The History of A.I.

artificial life:
LINK  Santa Fe Institute
LINK  Tom Ray's Home Page

online programs:
LINK  Eliza in Java
LINK  Loebner Prize Page
LINK  Mauldin: Chatterbots, Tinymuds, And The Turing Test: Entering The Loebner Prize Competition
LINK Talk to Nisse

LINK  GVU Graphics, Visualization and Usibility Center
LINK  Salon - Machine Language

Community / Sociology / Cultural Theory
LINK Center for Global Communication
LINK Community Networks - Bibliography
LINK Cultronix
LINK Cybercultures
LINK Cybersociology Magazine
LINK Digital Portals
LINK Electronic Learning Communities Research Group
LINK Links for Cyber-Sociologists
LINK The Matrix by David S. Bennahum
LINK Net-Life Resources
LINK PLATO: The Emergence of an Online Community
LINK Resource Center for Cybercultural Studies
LINK UCLA Center for the Study of Online Communities
LINK U of Iowa: Community Links
LINK Virtual Denizen

LINK Principia Cybernetica Web

Early Computing History
Davis, Martin.  The Universal Computer, New York: Norton (2000)

LINK Rene Descartes 1596 - 1650
LINK Blaise Pascal 1623 - 1662
LINK Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz 1646 - 1716
          LINK Sophie, Duchess of Brunswick 1630 - 1714
          LINK Sophie Charlotte, Queen Consort of Prussia 1668 - 1705
LINK Joseph-Marie Jacquard 1752-1834

Babbage & Ada: Countess of Lovelace
LINK Charles Babbage Biography
LINK The Analytical Engine Page - Fourmilab
LINK Ada Byron King, Countess of Lovelace - TAP: The Ada Project
LINK Ada Picture Gallery
LINK Selection and Adaptation From Ada's Notes - Betty Alexandra Toole
LINK Mary Fairfax Somerville

Logicians & Inventors
LINK George Boole 1815 - 1864
LINK Herman Hollerith 1860 - 1929
LINK Kurt Godel 1906 - 1978

Turing: modern era
LINK Alan Turing Home Page
LINK Turing Machine in Java

Historical & Social Aspects of Technological Change
Eliade, Mircea.  The Sacred and the Profane, New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich (1959).
Bijker, Hughes and Pinch, The Social Construction of Technological Systems, Cambridge: MIT Press (1994).
Goldstine, Herman. The Computer from Pascal to von Neumann. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, (1972).
Mahoney, Michael S. "The History of Computing in the History of Technology." Annals of the History of Computing 10  (1988): 113-125.
Mitcham, Carl.  Thinking Through Technology, Chicago: University of Chicago Press (1994).

LINK The IEEE Society on Social Implications of Technology

LINK  Berkeley Internet Search Tool Details

Gerver, Elisabeth. Humanizing Technology. New York: Plenum Press, (1985).
Heim, Michael. The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality, Oxford: Oxford University Press (1993).
Winograd, Terry and Fernando Flores. Understanding Computers and Cognition. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, (1987).

LINK  An Unofficial History of Graphical User Interfaces
LINK  TheBrain.com
LINK  A Brief History of Human Computer Interaction Technology
LINK  CMU Human-Computer Interaction Institute
LINK  History of the Interface in Interactive Art
LINK  Human-Computer  Interaction Institute @ CMU
LINK  Ivan Sutherland Profile
LINK  Macintosh Human Interface guidelines
LINK  MouseSite: History of Human-Computer Interaction [Many Documents Online]
LINK  Xerox Alto Archive

The Internet
LINK A Brief History of the Internet
LINK C\NET Article: How the Net Works

Modern Computer History
Glass, Robert. In the Beginning: Recollections of Software Pioneers. IEEE Computer Society (1998).
Shasha, Dennis & Lazere, Cathy. Out of Their Minds: The Lives of 15 Great Computer Scientists. Copernicus Press (1995).

profiles: early modern era
LINK Vannevar Bush: Memex and Beyond Web Site
LINK Alan Turing: The Turing Project

profiles: contemporaries
LINK John Backus: Biography
LINK Frederick P. Brooks: Biography Page
LINK Stephen Cook: Web Page
LINK Edsger Dijkstra: Information
LINK W. Daniel Hillis: Edge Biography
LINK Alan Kay Biographical Information
LINK Donald Knuth: Home Page
LINK Leslie Lamport: Biography Page
LINK Leonid Levin: Home Page
LINK John McCarthy's Home Page
LINK Michael Rabin: Research Profile
LINK Burton Smith: From Here to Petaflops
LINK Robert Tarjan: Home Page
LINK Tom Van Vleck: Home Page

general sites
LINK The Computer Art Museum [In Russian]
LINK The Computer Museum
LINK IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
LINK Los Alamos Computing Site
LINK Milestones in Computer Development
LINK Past Notable Women in Computing and Mathematics
LINK Smithsonian Computer History Site

LINK Smalltalk.org
LINK Software History Center

Network Behavior and Life Online
Dertouzos, Michael L. and others. "Communications, Computers, and Networks: Special Issue." Scientific American  265 (1991): 62-164.
Katz, James and Aspden, Philip. "A Nation of Strangers." Communications of the ACM 40 (12 1997): 81.
Kling, Rob and Suzanne Iacono. "Computing as an Occasion for Social Control." Journal of Social Issues 40 (3 1984):  77-96.
Kling and Scacchi. "The Web of Computing: Computing Technology as Social Organization." Advances in Computers 21  (1982): 3-85.
Turkle, Sherry. Life on the Screen, New York: Simon and Schuster (1995).
Turkle, Sherry. The Second Self, New York: Simon and Schuster (1984).
Turkley and Seymour Papert. "Epistemological Pluralism: Styles and Voices Within the Computer Culture." Signs 16  (1 1990): 128-157.
Weizenbaum, Joseph. Computer Power and Human Reason: From Judgment to Calculation. San Francisco: W. H. Freeman  (1976.).
Zuboff, Shosahana.  In the Age of the Smart Machine, New York: Basic Books (1988).

LINK A Portrait of J. Random Hacker
LINK The Story of Mel
LINK Sherry Turkle's Home Page

LINK Journal of Online Behavior
LINK The Psychology of Cyberspace
LINK Psychology of Virtual Communities

LINK Extropy Institute
LINK Gnosticism Web Resources
LINK U of Iowa: Technology, Postmodernism and Other Stuff (essays, etc)

Simulations, Virtual Worlds and Gaming
LINK AU+AU Collision Simulator / Gallery  at BNL
LINK Walt Bilofsky's home page [Chess3000]
LINK NCSA Virtual Director
LINK Spacewar Demo
LINK Spacewar Info. Site
LINK Video Arcade Preservation Society

muds, moos, etc.
LINK The Colossal Cave Adventure Site
LINK Connected Community and Inhabited Information Spaces
LINK Educational Virtual Reality Sites Listing
LINK Journal of Virtual Environments
LINK MUD- History of claimed world's first MUD
LINK MUD Connector
LINK Don Woods [Adventure]
LINK XYZZY News for Interactive Fiction Enthusiasts
LINK Yahoo List of MUDS, MOOS, etc.

General Resources
search engines
LINK Nueva - Best Search Engine Guide
LINK Altavista.com
LINK Go.com
LINK Google
LINK Hotbot-Lycos.com
LINK Librarian's Index to the Internet
LINK Northern Light
LINK Yahoo

internet sources
LINK Internet Scout - Net Happenings
LINK Internet Scout - Weekly Report

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