Vintage Computers & Terminals
These machines are currently in varying states of restoration. Please email me with questions, advice, offers of help, etc.
I am trying to make all of these machines available to any interested students. See me if you're interested.

This is arguably the original 'nerdware'. Unit is attached to the IMSAI 8080.
For more information, visit Marc Roessler's excellent site on the ADM.

This unit has the Ithaca Audio CPU card - a common modification.
There is a newly-invigorated IMSAI corporate page.
Zilog is also still in existence.

A wonderful, wire-wrapped system with functioning front panel.
S-100 crate is by California Digital and the video card appears to
be from a SOL 20. Here is a link to alt.comp.hardware.homebuilt

This unit actually now as two drives and needs documentation and
original operating system.

Using H9 terminal and runs like a dream! Here is a link to the
still-existing Heathkit Company.

Connected to the H-8 system.

I've had this unit since 1978 and with the help of the PAiA company,
it is fully operational with original power supply.

The picture suggests the obvious: this is a long-term future project.
In need of operating system and documentation.

This machine is attached to a dual 100KB floppy unit. I've recently
acquired documentation and software.

Built for the long haul. With some work on the
drives, it operates without a problem.

Still runs Elite II in living monochrome.