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How to catch an alligator

A story from the past... with a moral

Here is one representative of Alligator Mississippiensis peacefully floating in a bayou somewhere in the Cajun country of Southwestern Louisiana. A rather curious creature, this fine specimen is moving closer to the shore to find out what those tasty-looking guys are doing. This large unsuspecting lizard doesn't know that it's not the bunch of guys, but he (the gator) is rather tasty-looking. Anyway, we are about to find out who is going to have what for dinner.

The same representative of Alligator Mississippiensis has been deceived by the aforementioned bunch of guys and lured ashore. The creature is now rather angry when a realization dawns upon him that the dinner plans may soon be changing.

Fast forward several shots that would have been censored anyway...

Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After a long round of negotiations, one Alligator Mississippiensis has finally given up trying to bite me and decided to join us in a friendly photo session. After getting acquainted rather well, Mr. Alligator Mississippiensis accepts an invitation to join me and my friends for dinner.

The moral of this story is simple: kids, don't go teasing gators... unless you know how to cook them.