Central Connecticut State University, Summer, 2nd Five, 1999

CS 407 -- Topics in Computer Science -- MultiTasking and Video Games -- 3 Credits

Section 70 -- MTWR 07:45-09:45 PM -- July 6 to August 5, 1999

Room 208 Maria Sanford Hall

A course in MULTIPLE PLAYER video game design using SEPARATE THREADS OF EXECUTION for each player. The course will concentrate on the MULTI-TASKING ASPECTS of video game design rather than the computer graphics aspects, though we shall develop such topics as Animation. Each student will write two complete video games, including a video game to be played between multiple players over a network. The programming language will be Java.

Video game design has driven developments in computing since the late 1960's. Indeed, when Thompson and Ritchie invented UNIX, important parts of the multi-tasking kernel were based on a video game one of them had written.

Networking, multi-tasking, and threads in Java will be developed from the beginning -- no prior knowledge of these topics will be required. Students will need a good working knowledge of Java and Data Structures, such as is provided by the listed prerequisites of CS 151 and CS 152.


Java Resources. Tons of stuff, including lists of good books, tutorials and demos from other courses, complete Java course notes on the Web, and instructions for downloading Free Java from Sun!



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