Central Connecticut State UniversitySpring 2000

CS 407 Java Database Connectivity Final Project

For your final project, you get to use what you have learned about Java Beans and JDBC to write a complete, general, industrial strength database application. In brief, you are to write a Java database application, using the JDBC API, which will allow the user to

Your project must also include the following:

You are free to include additional components such as check boxes, toggle buttons, radio buttons, etc. But there is plenty to do with the basic project, so you do not have to include any extra components.

You are free to use Swing objects rather than AWT objects. I found this useful.

You are free to include additional features in your application, such as an option for importing tables from a comma separated database. Ditto with exporting tables. But there is plenty to do with the basic project, so you do not have to include any extra features.

Your application MUST BE AN APPLICATION. It may NOT run as an Applet.

You must use your application to create a database containing several tables with data. I suggest using some of the table definitions in the Microsoft Access Northwind demonstration database, and entering some of the data (maybe 5 or 6 records per table) from that database. Northwind will be on ANY system which has Microsoft Access installed, including the machines in the classroom and the machines in the University Microcomputer Laboratory. Do a Find for Northwind.mdb.

You may work in teams of two, or you may work individually.

Here is some material to help you:

What to hand in:

Be SURE you test your application on the VERY FLOPPY DISK YOU HAND IN. If it doesn't run for me you will NOT make a good impression.

Due the day of the final exam, Thursday, May 17, at the beginning of class.

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