Central Connecticut State University, Fall 1998

CS 152 -- Computer Science II -- 4 Credits

Section 70 -- MW 6:45 PM-8:00 PM, W 8:15-9:05 PM

Room 209 Maria Sanford Hall

This is a course in Data Structures. There is a famous book by the inventor of Pascal, Niklaus Wirth, titled

Algorithms + Data Structures = Programs.

This equation neatly encapsulates many of the key ideas of computer science. We are going to cover many of the basic data structures occurring in computer science, and the algorithms associated with them. When we are finished, you will have an excellent toolkit for writing complex programs of your own.

The course will be conducted in Java, version 1.1, and the ideas of Object Oriented Programming will be used throughout. Java is available for on-campus use in the University Microcomputer Laboratory, and is freely available for download from SUN Microsystems (see the Java Resources Page).


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Java Resources, including instructions for downloading the SUN Java Development Kit (Free Java!), demos from other courses, and useful tutorials!

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