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On June 1, 2001, Old Doc Neville retired from Central Connecticut State University's Computer Science Department. He was a founding member of the Computer Science Department, and prior to that was a member of the Mathematics Department. He was a member of one department or the other for 27 years. Click here for a more extensive resume.

Please direct all inquiries concerning University business to the Computer Science Department Secretary, Ms. Jeanne Phillips, at phillipsj@ccsu.edu (860-832-2710), or the Department Chair, Dr. Joan Calvert, at calvert@ccsu.edu (860-832-2715).

Please direct all inquiries concerning research, speaking engagements, database and software consulting, etc. to Old Doc Neville personally at profneville@cwnresearch.com.

A list of Old Doc Neville's recent talks and papers in PDF format may be accessed at http://www.cwnresearch.com/research/

Closing Remarks to the CS Department. (In PDF format. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. You probably have it, but if not it is free from http://www.adobe.com).


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JavaScript Resources

Microsoft Access Database Resources

Quick Microsoft Access Tutorials.These tutorials are intended for computer science students who need a quick introduction to Microsoft Access, but they will be useful to anyone needing such an introduction. They come before the material on MySQL because Microsoft Access comes before MySQL in alphabetical order.

MySql Database Resources

MySql is one of the best relational database systems around, and it is FREE in most circumstances. The tutorial which comes with the MySQL database management system, and which is available over the Web, is one of the best sources available for mastering the SQL database query and definition language. (The SQL language was invented by IBM, not the estimable folks at MySQL.)

Scientific Simulation

Differential Equations, The Language of Science. This is an alpha version of Differential Equations, The Language of Science, a brief introduction to scientific simulation, in portable document format (pdf). If you cannot view this directly in your Web browser, save it and use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. The terms of the copyright are, you may link to this document, you may index this document, and you may use it for personal use without restriction. Other uses require the permission of the author, me.

Writing Your Own World Wide Web Pages.

A World Wide Web and HTML tutorial in PostScript Format, with accompanying .gif files.

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