Martin Shakkum

Martin Lyutsianovich Shakkum was born in the Moscow region in 1951. He graduated from Kaliningrad Military Engineering Academy and the All-Union Correspondence Construction Engineering Institute. Shakkum holds a Ph. D. in Political Science. He is the First Vice President of the International Fund of Economic and Social Reforms (a.k.a. the Reform Fund).

Shakkum worked for the Institute of Space Research in 1976-1978. Then he held a sequence of managerial positions in construction (in Mosinzhremont and Glavmosoblstroy state-run companies). In 1990, Shakkum was the CEO of the RIDA joint enterprise. Since 1991, he was the Director General, then the First Vice President of the Reform Fund. In 1992-1993, Martin Shakkum served as a consultant for Vice Premier Georgy Khizha. Since April 1996, Shakkum is the leader of the Russian Socialist Popular Party.

According to the preliminary data, Shakkum came 8-th with 0.4% of the vote.


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