Yuri Vlasov

Yuri Petrovich Vlasov was born in 1935. He was the superheavyweight world champ in weight-lifting (1959, 1961, 1962, 1963), Olympic superheavyweight champ (1960), silver medalist (1964). He set many weight-lifting records and was nicknamed "the strongest man on Earth". Yuri Vlasov was young Arnold Schwarzenegger's role model.

Graduate of the Zhukovsky Air-Force Engineering Academy (1959), Yuri Vlasov became a writer. Books: "Overcome Yourself" (1964), "White Moment" (1972), "Special Region of China" (1973), "Salty Joys" (1976), "Justice of Force" (1989), "Yenan Connection" (1989), "Fiery Cross" (1992), etc.

Yuri Vlasov presents himself as "patriot" fighting both Communism and the Zionist conspiracy against the Russian people. He participated in December, 1995, parliamentary elections on the list of the leftist Power to the People movement and as candidate in a one-mandate district (Tushino electoral district No. 200, Moscow). Power to the People failed to cross the five-percent threshold, and Vlasov himself lost to Konstantin Borovoi, a prominent businessman of Jewish origin and the leader of the Party of Economic Freedom, in Tushino. As a result, Yuri Vlasov failed to win a Duma seat and decided to run for president.


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